Writing in captivity 2

Brian Keenan speaking to prisoners at Magilligan prison in December 2019:

He said he lost all sense of who he was during the long periods of isolation.

“It was the worst of all possible prisons,” he said.

“You didn’t get any visitors, you didn’t get any letters, you didn’t get any TV and you didn’t get any radio. You got out to the toilet once for 10 minutes, and you came back to the cell blindfolded and the lights turned out.”

He added: “What I want these guys [the prisoners in Magilligan] to take away is that you know there is a fire inside that will warm the soul and which will boil the imagination and will set you free. Prison bars do not a prison make… there are prisons we make for ourselves and we have got to get out of those … and there are ways e can do that.”