We’re all on a spiritual journey no matter what our age and sometimes it helps to meet up with one another.

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 And sometimes … just sometimes … the journey is on a sunny day and through a field of daisies


Look on the Thomas Merton Society webpage for details of future events… why not join the Society…you’ll get two interesting journals each year and reduced costs for all events. There are many events organised over this centenary year in different parts of the UK. Some include art exhibitions, others are study days and there are some residential conferences. Have a look on:

Extracts from the talk given in Leominster on Saturday 8th December 2018 are given as December posts.

The talk given at the Italian Thomas Merton Society Symposium held at St Anselmo’s in Rome (June 12-15 2018) has been submitted for publication in the conference proceedings.  The talk was entitled: ‘Thomas Merton ‘accessible exemplar’ of the new mysticism’ and in it I looked at what happened to Merton on the Mim Tea Estate in 1968.

A different version of the paper entitled: Kanchenjunga: Yin-yang Palace of Opposites in Unity, Reflections on Thomas Merton’s Experiences on the Mim Tea Estate Retreat will be published in the forthcoming Merton Annual 2019 published by the International Thomas Merton Society.

If you are interested in The Analytic Network events have a look on their website:

Yoga as a way of living …. a way to open the body, mind and spirit… see the link below: