We’re all on a spiritual journey no matter what our age and sometimes it helps to meet up with one another.

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 And sometimes … just sometimes … the journey is on a sunny day and through a field of daisies


Look on the Thomas Merton Society webpage for details of future events… why not join the Society…you’ll get two interesting journals each year and reduced costs for all events. There are many events organised over this centenary year in different parts of the UK. Some include art exhibitions, others are study days and there are some residential conferences. Have a look on:

If you are interested in The Analytic Network events have a look on their website:

Yoga as a way of living …. a way to open the body, mind and spirit… see the link below:

I’ve followed Ram Dass for many years, such an inspiration. So to Ram Dass with thanks – dead but not gone…

From Ram Dass’ last interview 3 months before his mortal death:  ‘You’ve said that you’re ready to die. When did you know? When I arrived at my soul. Soul doesn’t have fear of dying. Ego has very pronounced fear of dying. The ego, this incarnation, is life and dying. The soul is infinite. The soul witnesses the ego and witnesses thoughts. “Be here now” gives people an opportunity to reidentify outside of their thinking-mind ego and into that thing that’s called the soul. It is the perspective from which we could live a life without being caught so much in fear. To reidentify there is to change your whole life.’