Advent meditation

This is a guided meditation for taking refuge adapted from B. Alan Wallace who is a Tibetan Buddhist but the meditation can be used also by Christians- seeking sanctuary.

Seeking sanctuary with Christ

The meditation is about entrusting ourselves to our saviour, to our deepest refuge, a safe haven, the safe harbour in the midst of the stormy seas of life.

The focus is on surrender to an inner sense of serenity, joy and ease. You are invited to unveil an intrinsic sense of caring. It is already there but you are invited to let it burst forth: caring for yourself, feeling compassion for yourself, arouse the aspiration for freedom and wholeness for yourself and for all those around you. There are no boundaries other than those we imagine. The aspiration is for wholeness and perfection for all sentient beings.

In front of you is Jesus Christ – he is gazing on you with inexpressible love and compassion, infinite caring and infinite wisdom. Christ is the source of infinite blessings and in return you accept and return these blessings with thanks.

You imagine Christ coming towards you – very close and invite him into the inner sanctum of your heart, to fill and permeate you with this love. You invite Christ to become you and so imagine that he is dissolving blissfully as light filling your body, heart and

mind. Your entire being is filled with his light so there is no longer any distinction between Christ and you. Your body, your speech your mind is Christ.

In that state you meditate – simply being – eyes open, all senses open, no withdrawal, very present, no inner, no outer, no direction, no focus, no meditating on anything. All doing is deactivated – it is resting in the divine. All striving is released, all desires released.

Simply be present, in inner silence, and rest in open, unimpeded, effortless Presence.