Advent Wisdom 3

‘I looked at the candle in the darkness and recognised the darkness in all the bewilderment, numbness, frustration, helplessness and anxiety I had experienced…

The light came into the darkness and I felt the joy of it, an inner certainty in all my uncertainty, a hope when everything seemed hopeless, an assurance that all manner of things will be well and that Christ is greater than all my stupidity and sinfulness. I knew then that I was caught up in something far greater than my mind can ever grasp.’

(Gerard Hughes, Walk to Jerusalem, 1991)

A ‘restoration’ of another sort had gone on. I seemed in a new way to be liberated from fears and anxieties and worries. I had entered into an unsuspected tranquillity and peace… spiritual energies of a more or less permanent order flowed in and operated as though God at my fountains far off had been raining.

(Rufus Jones quoted by Elizabeth Gray Vining in Rufus Jones, Friend of Life 1959)